Insert template into doc from button


I’m trying to insert a template I’ve published into my page from a button.

Is there a way to access my templates from a formula and use a button to then insert the content of the template into my page?


Hey @Demetre_Arges! This is an awesome idea. We went ahead and added this as a feature request on your behalf. If it gets launched, you’ll be alerted! My only workaround here is that you could insert the template as a page in your doc. You can hide that page so folks don’t mess with it. Once you have that, you could use the duplicate page button to copy that page into your doc. It isn’t perfect but might be a potential workaround in the meantime. Hope that helps!

Hi @Jen_Anthony! Thank you so much for this info. That’s a great idea as a workaround. I’ll try implementing it soon. Looking forward to the new feature when it launches!



I tried your recommendation and unfortunately when I click the button to Duplicate page “MeetingAgenda” into Location “Meeting” (The page I am currently on with the button), it creates a new Subpage of the page I’m duplicating nested under the page I am currently on.

What I was hoping for was being able to click the button from the page I’m on and it would insert the contents of the new page I created below into the page I clicked the button from.

Let me know if you have any additional ideas for this.


Hey @Demetre_Arges ! Do you have a scrubbed copy of a doc that you can share here so I can take a look to see if I have any ideas? That might help me or other folks come up with other suggestions.

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