Integrate with Microsoft Teams

It’d be great to have a teams app addin, however just being able to set it up as an external site would be good. However, MS Teams doesn’t use Chrome so, bummer.


Here’s a bit more of an explanation on Coda and Microsoft Teams if you’re curious:

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Hi, at my company we use MS solutions. We started to use Teams, and my first idea was to include my coda doc.
I added as a Website and after login, it is working. Little buggy, but for me it is a good start.

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Hi Ben, I have started to use Coda, which I Iove. However at the moment when we try to add a Coda document via url as a new tab in Microsoft Teams it is not working (neither in the app nor in the web). Do you know if this is going to be solved in the near term?


Any update on this? I tried adding CODA as a website, but it wouldn’t allow it…


Is there still no way around this? Wondering the status of this type of integration… Anyone know?

Would it be so great if Coda had Microsoft login out of the box? People stuck in the Microsoft environment are desperate for better collaboration tools, and there’s little competition in this space. Certainly nothing as awesome as Coda!

I cannot get our clients to use Coda because it doesn’t have Microsoft login - so we’re stuck using Sharepoint and Teams


I feel like this might be possible now. I am able to embed a Coda doc in a tab using the Webpage embed. I can sign in through Google, and it keeps me signed in after navigating elsewhere in Teams. (using Teams for Mac)

Shared sign-ins in Teams would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. A sidebar app, for a personal shortcut, would be nice, since there isn’t an option to embed there.

What would be AMAZING is synced comment-threads between the tabbed doc and the channel. Omg that would be amazing.

I’m also interested in MS Teams integration.

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I would love to see this as well!

Hello! We launched a Microsoft Teams integration and Pack today. You can learn more about it here: Launched: Connect your docs to Microsoft Teams

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