Microsoft sign in

The thing that is preventing us using Coda with our customers is that Coda does not have Microsoft sign in like this. So we are stuck having to have separate Sharepoint sites for sharing information with our customers.

Enterprise customers on Microsoft are often not allowed to use tools that require Google sign on and not their company sign on. To be clear, the Coda Azure AD option would not solve the problem here - we need anyone with a Microsoft login to be able to be added to a Coda doc and sign in that way. And then be able to access Coda in a Teams tab. You will free millions of people from the tyranny of Sharepoint if you can do this! Please save us!

Anyone should be able to sign in to Coda using Microsoft login, as they can with Google.

Would love to be able to add Coda to Teams, and if people are signed in to Coda with the same Microsoft login they’re using for Teams, they can see everything in Coda just like that.

And, they should be able to see any Microsoft documents that they have access to inside Coda no problem as well - at the moment we can’t add Microsoft slides for example even if they are public.


I wonder though how many of these problems are due to underlying Microsoft architectural problems…

Well every other tool I use has Microsoft login at least, so how hard can it be?