Inviting people from third party organizations to a document


I’m a consultant that works with a few organizations that sometimes collaborate with each other.

I created a document (I have a Maker Pro license), and I added them to the document via their email addresses (non-google). When they click on the email link, it appears that they have to sign in with a google account, or register an account. Is there a way to have the link generate a tokenized login that’s attached to the email address of the user? Having them sign up for an account is a bit of a barrier to be candid.


Hi Kevin,

Do they need to be able to edit the document?
If not, they can view a published document without having to sign up.

If they need to make changes, they will need to sign up. I also get pushback against that, but to be fair people sign up for Excel, Word, Gmail, Google Drive.


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Thanks. My firms are in a Microsoft ecosystem and I didn’t realize till I tested it just now that they also need to sign in to access documents. I always thought it was a tokenized access link.

I share your pain - every now and again somebody will say to me I am not going to read/comment on what you wrote, because Coda makes me sign in…

And let me not get started about the office colleagues… :wink: