Minimum Enterprise Plan

Hi Coda,

I want to enquire Enterprise Plan but unable to do so.


It’s quite a mismatch between the pricing and enterprise plan though. Because lots of small businesses in South East Asia are still using Microsoft and most of them are using basic or standard. However, in Coda, you must sign up for Enterprise to enjoy Microsoft integration.

May I suggest that you might consider changing the Microsoft Packs to Coda Teams pricing ?



Hi @Hendrik_Zhao! Thanks for sharing that feedback & reaching out about the issue, I’ll check with our team on why that might not be working. While I don’t have any updates on the Microsoft-related Packs for now, I wanted to highlight that the Coda integration for Microsoft Teams is available to all users on any tier - you can find it on the Teams app store. It allows you to bring Coda docs into your Teams chats and channels in new tabs. Feel free to reach out to Coda support with any questions on getting it set up if you’re interested.

More info on the Coda app for Teams here
Listing on the Microsoft app store here

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One more thing to add - the Microsoft-related Packs in the enterprise tier can all be purchased separately for your workspace at a cost per Doc Maker.

I understand this may or may not make sense for your workspace - just wanted to pass on the information.

Dear Kristen,

Yes we are aware. Actually one of my clients is using Airtable and MS Teams integration is available in non-enterprise plan. Now I need to convince them to subscribe to additional 30/month per doc maker just to get MS Teams. It’s quite unfortunate that Teams pack only avaliable in the Enterprise plan instead of Coda Team Plan.

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