Do packs for Microsoft office 365 really cost this much?

I’m new to coda, but I really like the possibilities of it. However it seems very strange that the pack prices for teams, word, excel etc… all seem like $30 each whereas the google and zoom ones are free or minimal cost. It seems prohibitive to have a plugin for coda cost more than the the MS 365 subscriptions itself. Ideally I would like to move my company away from heavy dependency on MS office tools (we have the usual issues of files being emailed everywhere and what is the correct version etc…) but without being able to bring that data into coda that is a real blocker to move over.

I’m hoping I’ve misunderstood the pricing somehow, but I would be grateful if you could clarify.


Hey there!

They don’t all cost that much.

Here is a Mircosoft Mail pack for $3

And a OneDrive pack for $4

Hopefully that can help love your team over! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, those are really helpful especially the outlook one. Is there anything similar for Microsoft Teams which we use heavily. (like the zoom integration)

The only Teams app is by coda themselves. Microsoft Teams Pack, extend Coda with Microsoft... - Coda

Ok thanks. Good to know that’s all there is and I haven’t missed something.

The Teams pack by coda is absurdly expensive at $30/ Doc Maker (Teams tier)
The Slack pack by Coda is free (Teams tier)
We are based in China where Slack doesn’t operate nor can it be accessed. The only option is Teams.
Thanks Coda.

Wheat would you want in a teams pack @Nad ?

Maybe I can make one

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir ,
We just started using Teams so I am not 100% clear on what our future needs would be.

The main thing we’d like to have now is the ability to send a message from Coda into a chat (with the ability @ someone ) to serve as notifications/call to actions (because Email is not really a thing in China either, and Coda’s native notifications are limited to people who have access to the doc).

We are only 3 makers in our workspace though , not sure how financially worth it this would be for you - so please do your independent market research before embarking on developing this :slight_smile:

I was actually going to privately reach out to Coda support and ask if we can negotiate a better price on their Teams pack.


When I’m resting on my off time - I like making packs =] so we’ll see what happens.


@Scott_Collier-Weir That sounds really interesting. :slight_smile: For us it would be integration with chat as Nad mentioned above but also the ability to launch a video call eg via a button from a list of contacts in a table in Coda.
I haven’t yet played with the zoom integration to compare what features that has (we don’t use zoom but that pack would be useful as a comparison).

Can’t find a suitable thread for it, but your Outlook pack is both reasonably priced and working very well, @Scott_Collier-Weir. Any plans to add support for bringing in ‘categories’ from outlook?

Sure! I Can likely add them. Can you tell me more about what they are and where you’d like to see

Yeah, sure:) Thanks for following up on my question.

I use ‘categories’ a bit like tags

A category have a name. Like ‘meetings’ or maybe ‘projects’, and they each have a color attribute. Using this is a bit clunky with a palette of colors to choose from. With several accounts it is not apparent or easy to transfer or copy a set of categories from one account to another, and the emails don’t bring their categories with them, if I send from one account to another. A default set of categories with colors can be changed manually, and if the two accounts have categories with the same name, they seem to carry over.

You can set a category to emails and contacts.

In addition to some advantages when searching, I find the visual element useful.

So my main wish is being able to import the categories and their color attributes to Coda.

Then, and I’m not sure if it is possible, but being able to edit and change these parameters, in both coda and outlook, and keep them in sync, manually with buttons probably, would be perfect in :grin::nerd_face::pray:

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Does it work with Office365 or just

Does it work with Office365 or just

Can you give it a try and let me know if it works for office 365?

I think it should. Trials are free for the pack!

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