Launched: Connect your docs to Microsoft Teams

A natural extension of being the doc that brings it all together is meeting you and your team where you’re already working, like Microsoft Teams. Over the past few months, we spoke to makers at the intersection of Coda and Microsoft Teams. And we heard that many of you are trying to automate time-based reminders, cultivate a culture of engaged feedback, and centralize the resources everyone needs to get their work done.

So we’re opening the window to your informational universe by giving you two new ways to connect your docs and Teams:

Bring Coda into Microsoft Teams.
The Coda for Teams app lets you access all your team docs—meeting notes, team wikis, project trackers, and briefs—directly from Microsoft Teams.


Once you’ve installed the app, you can:

  • Increase your team’s productivity. Spin up new docs and add tabs with important resources, without ever leaving your chats and channels.
  • Get and receive feedback. Create collaborative and interactive proposals that capture discussions and decisions—and then pin them so they can be updated on the fly.
  • Automatically share docs. Auto-sharing makes docs available to all of your teammates without having to give individual access.

Learn how to install the Coda for Teams app from the Teams marketplace.

Bring Microsoft Teams into Coda.
Makers on the enterprise plan can install the Microsoft Teams Pack to their Coda docs to send messages to chats and channels, tag teammates, automate workflow, and eliminate duplicated work.


We’ve provided you with some of our favorite time-saving templates—all pre-wired to work with your Microsoft Teams account, once you’ve connected it to Coda. Ready to get started? Just copy the template.

Project tracker with status update requests
Schedule manager
Relationship tracker

And enjoy a sign-in bonus.
To help smooth the bridge between Coda and Teams, we’ve also added the ability to login to Coda with your Microsoft credentials.


THIS is great…!!

I think this will make transitioning so much easier…



This will be a game changer for my organization and for promoting Coda.


Although clearly stated, does this really mean that even " Coda team plans" aren’t in the scope of the package?

It’s so unfortunate that only Enterprise can use it.


Actually, it is available if you have a coda team subscription (maybe wit a lower subscription as well, but I didn’t test any subscription other than team). It works for without any problems - I added a comment to a chat in Teams from a button and the comment arrived in teams right away.

I am not sure what the comment about the enterprise pack exactly means - and I can’t find out in a hurry since I am not on the Enterprise level. I am sure some more information from a Codan will follow pretty soon.


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets + @Hendrik_Zhao + @joost_mineur, appreciate the interest! Just to reiterate from the initial post in case it wasn’t clear, the Microsoft login and the Microsoft Teams Coda App are available for all tiers while the Microsoft Teams Pack is currently available for enterprise.

The Microsoft Teams Pack is available on Coda’s enterprise plan. A bug briefly allowed users on non-enterprise plans to install the Pack. We’ve since fixed this bug and we’re following up individually with those affected. We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Hello @Elaine_Sohng ,

Sorry to hear this and no, it was not clear. From the original write up and the fact that I could install this pack, I figured there might be some options within this pack that might be available for the enterprise tier only, but no, I didn’t understand that is was for enterprise users only. And I think I was not the only one…

Reading you last message “the Microsoft login and the Microsoft Teams Coda App are available for all tiers” is probably not clarifying a lot either. I do understand you are referring to the the MS Teams plugin/app, but I feel it does not really have any relation to this thread.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with packs for enterprise level only, but if it is for enterprise only, that should not be a byline int the message, but the posting should start with that information. I don’t like to waste my time like this.


Dear @Elaine_Sohng ,

Perhaps you can consider Microsoft Teams Pack to be available on lower plan (Pro or Team). Airtable and allow us to use it and it’s one of the biggest obstacle for us to completely migrate to Coda.


Teams integration is great, but it seems that the Coda team forgot about two extremely important products for businesses using Microsoft 365 as their main platform, which is OneDrive/SharePoint and Outlook. While Gmail and Google Drive have been integrated for a long time, organizations using Microsoft 365 still don’t have any coda packs to integrate natively with their databases.

This requested features has been around since 2019 on Coda Maker Community, but Coda has never taken any action to solve this problem.

Hope you can consider making packs for these 2 products asap.

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Thanks to our Maker Fund recipient Johannes, we now have an Outlook Calendar Pack. You can also submit or upvote any other Pack recommendations here, which helps our internal teams and Maker Fund recipients prioritize what to build next. We’re working hard to get all makers the integrations they need and really appreciate your patience as we extend the ecosystem.

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Is it possible to get all Coda notifications (mentions, comment replies etc.) through Microsoft Teams instead of E-Mail? For example if I tag a teammate, they will now get a notification through E-mail, but it would be nice if this notification could be send through Microsoft Teams instead. Our goal is to avoid any E-Mail conversation internally. Is this possible with the Microsoft Teams pack?

Hi @Yannik_Catalinac! This is possible with the Microsoft Teams Pack. Just as an FYI - the Pack is currently available for enterprise tier users or for $30/Doc Maker/month for your workspace.

Hi @kristen! I already tested this with the Microsoft Teams Pack, but I think it’s only possible if you configure this for every user, for every event, for every page, for every table etc. For my understanding the Microsoft Teams Pack is good if you want very detailed control of what and when a user gets notified through Microsoft Teams (which is great).
My question was meant to be, if it’s possible in an easy way? Just with one configuration and everyone get notified through Teams instead of E-Mail.

Got it! We can definitely log that as a feature request for you. We currently have similar capabilities in the Coda app for Slack, it would be awesome to have that for Microsoft Teams as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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