INTERNAL Fetch Error: Over limit

Hello fellow Coda users.
Some time ago, i built a simple coda pack to connect with Dolibarr so i could share clients between Coda and Dolibarr, but recently, since the quantity of clients is rising, i’ve found a problem.

After investigating a bit, i’ve found that the size limit of the request is 4194304, which it must be surpassing.
Is there any workaround? Have anyone done anything to try and solve this problem?

Does Dolibarr support pagination?

If you are currently not paginating the requests then it will be a good idea, doing it will solve the problem.

I tried already, the problem i’m having is, for example:
-If i use it to separate them in 2 pages of 900 (for example), the second one comes empty (i’ve guesses with some tests that, if the second page doesn’t complete the 900 clients, it comes empty. If i try it with 400 and 400, the second page comes as it should).

Hi @Pedro_Jimenez - Unfortunately all Packs are limited in the total size of data they can pull in via the fetcher, which is currently 4mb. The usual workaround, as @Leandro_Zubrezki mentioned, is to paginate the data and use the continuation pattern to split your sync up into multiple executions. If their pagination mechanism isn’t working correctly you’ll have to follow up with Dolibarr.