Pack - Synced tables - API size limit

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a pack that will return 5000 rows. I’ve set the returned rows to 10,000 in the settings. But there seems to be a size limit on the fetch method. Unfortunate i can not query the api.

13 INTERNAL: FetchError: content size at over limit: 4194304.

Postman says the size is 934.28KB

Packs do have a limit on the size of the data they can download in a single fetch request, which defaults to 4MB. I have had some other developers report issues where the file size calculations seem to be off, so that could be happening here as well. Can you provide me the URL you are downloading from, or is it private data?


I messaged you with the url. The pack will be publicly available.

Thanks for DM’ing me the URL. It looks like the file is being transferred with gzip compression and is ~900KB when compressed, but when it is uncompressed in your Pack it’s 5MB. The 4MB response limit applies to the uncompressed size.

We have the ability to raise the limit, but each case must be individually evaluated by our engineering team. If you DM me your Pack ID I can bring your request to the team for consideration.