Introducing: Ai Team Assistant V1.0

Why this doc:

In the modern day and age of zoom meetings, remote work and starbucks hangouts we’ve lost opportunistic time for fun in our companies.

Fun is the difference between a creative and productive team or a negligent and poor performing one.

But the time investment to run regular events and keep up with things is also extremely time consuming on, what is an already very busy, product managers schedule.

This doc aims to solve both of those issues. Run automated health checks with AI. Reignite passions in your teams work again. :fire:

A video talking about this problem:

The doc itself:

Video Demo:

Funnest Part?

Giving the AI instructions to not be cringe… it works surprisingly well:


Smart. Good use of AGI. Even if it sends your team what comes off as hallucinations, it will be fun as well.

Internal productivity projects like this are important because they help your team understand the possibilities without serious risk. They will learn that AI can do (x). And by extension, innovative thinking by your team will kick in and this little system will spawn bigger ideas with bigger impact and you’ll have AI experience to tackle (y).

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Love your points Bill ! :slight_smile:

I hope, as you say, that little AI demos like this can lead to bigger and more wider adoption ! I am AI hooked now !!

Love the tone of it! And the intro video is fun!

And to second @Bill_French’s sentiment, a good use of AGI. I haven’t noticed hallucinations in the email — it doesn’t include any data analysis, it just spices up a feedback solicitation email and that’s it.

Nicely done!

Yep - that’s an indicator of two things:

  1. Good fit for AI
  2. Good prompting.
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