Is it possible to calculate a loan /mortgage and account for unscheduled repayments?

Hello Everyone,

I am considering to build a tool in coda for property management from an investors perspective, but I am still unsure if coda does have the needed functionality. One key element is the ability to calculate loans so that later on the loan to property value ratio can be calculated. Calculating loans is a prime excel task and I was wondering if this task could be accomplished in Coda. I understand that there are some financial formulas but they don’t seem to do the trick since they can’t account for unscheduled repayments.
I am thinking that this would require the possibility to create individual records for each months payment by clicking a button. Each record then calculates interest and repayment plus has an extra field for unscheduled repayments.

Do you think this is feasible in Coda?

Thank you!

P.S. I am currently also evaluating Ninox but don’t like there UI as much as the one of Coda.

Hi @HBTraveller,

There are likely several ways to do this in Coda. Here is a financial doc template one of the members in the community created that might offer some insipiration…

If you’re logging payments and whether or not they were made, as well as when they were made, then yes, a button or row-per-payment setup sounds like the best route.

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Would it be possible to create multiple rows (e.g. 480) at one click? Each of them prefilled with a calculated value?

That’s doable, but not sure you’d need that all at once.

Coda has “Automations” where you can set a rule and a timeframe for that rule to run on. You could have an if statement as well that checks to see if it’s the 15th of the month, and if it is, it adds a new row.

I used an automation in this template to add a new row everyday for clocking into work…

Thank you Ben! I will give it a try and report back.

Ok, I have started to build a little doc to test what is possible and am really loving the Coda implementation of formulas!

What I am still struggling with is to find a good way of automatically creating many rows in a child table.

Here is the example doc of what I want to achieve:

I have a bunch of loans with different terms, interest rates, monthly rates etc. I now want to analyze them in many different ways. One important questions is to find out the impact of paying back some extra money during any given period. So two things challenge me:

  1. How to create the records for each payment period?
  2. How to make sure they update after an “Additional repayment” has been entered.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Hi @HBTraveller,

I tried to put together a few functionalities very quickly, so please just consider it as an high level overview:

As per your questions:

  1. I added a button in the Loan Instance to generate the payment records (and one to delete them all, just to play around)
  2. This is still to be done, I have a few things in mind and I’ll try to get back to that.

Let me know if this goes in your desired direction.

Wow, that certainly goes in the right direction! Would you mind giving me a high level explanation of the formula to me? Just from reading it I have difficulties understanding what is going and there are a few things that need to be tweaked.

Thanks a lot Federico!