Who is using Coda to manage their finances?

I would love to learn how others are using Coda Docs to manage their finances?

I currently help 7 companies manage their finances with Coda and soon I’ll be sharing the template I use, would love to have new ideas and feedback!

Hi @Hector_Reyes that sounds impressive. I am considering start to manage my companies finances in coda but I havent figured out the best way to do it just yet. Looking forward to seeing your solution :grinning:

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hi @Hector_Reyes , would love to see your templates.
I did some work with interest calculations in business cases for clients and fin reporting to check if their effort had a positive match with the outcome. Coda was a way better solution than any spreadsheet.

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Hi @Hector_Reyes,

Not sure if you have seen this,

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I am building a full accounting system for me, but it has been a lot of work. I am trying to replicate some features from professional accounting softwares. The most important feature I build: the entry error catcher.

The error catcher is the most important since Coda always allow us to add a row entry even though there are important values missing. The error catcher is a column with formulas that display certain messages if the entry still doesn’t matches all the criteria. If the error catcher is not displaying the “everything is ok” message, the entry is highlighted because it will cause accountibility errors.


Would you be willing to try the beta version so I can have your feedback? Will DM you :raised_hands:

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Agree! I moved everything out of Excel to Coda. 100x faster and easier. Would you like to try the beta version? would love your feedback. Will DM you!

Oh yes! I really like @Todd_Olson doc! We share some similar features and we’re trying to solve the same problem around financial modeling.

This sounds amazing! I’m an accountant myself so I would be super interested on how you’re building this, would you be willing to share? The entry error catcher sounds useful, what formula are you using?

Hi guys, I’m doing invoicing in Coda.
I have a PDF Export of an invoice-page.
The looks aren’t perfect but it works and it’s nice to have it in Coda.
I can share if someone is interested.

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hi @lars_hofstetter_10TIMES_io

do you all your invoicing in Coda or also bits in AirTable or other No Code Tools? It is on my to do list to create a full invoicing system in Coda taking into account products / services, etc.

Would love to see how you do it.


best, Christiaan

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer and @lars_hofstetter_10TIMES_io !

Super cool, check out this Invoice template created by @kennymendes

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I can’t share the doc with you because I pretend to sell the template maybe when it’s ready.
The error catcher has two things:

  • A table with all types of errors I want to identify (let’s call it “error data table”).
  • A column in the entries table called “error-catcher” that has simple formulas for each error.

I added a SwitchIF() for the error-catcher column. For every type of error it verifies if it is true or false and if it’s true it displays a message that was wrote in the error data table, making the formula in this column a bit cleaner (you don’t need to write full texts in a single formula). If it’s false, it verifies the next error. If everything is false, it gives an “ok” message.

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@Hector_Reyes ,thx a lot, this is indeed very helpful!

This is cool. I am building the same but with a button to email the page to automate things a bit :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hector_Reyes, I have been developing a similar app for the past year and I’d love to see yours and give you feedback!

I’m sure I can help you improve and give you lots of tips on workarounds for several features :slight_smile:

HI Christian and @Hector_Reyes,

Here is my template. I do all of the invoicing here. It can be made better for sure. But it works.
I have the You can do products and services.

Thanks Hector for sharing as well. I think I can take some stuff from yours!

Also some stuff is in german, sorry for that :wink:

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many thanks @lars_hofstetter_10TIMES_io ,

I read German rather well and I worked a bit for FlixBus, that was very German :wink:

the structure is interesting and inspiring, thx! once I am a bit futher I’ll share the version I work on.

you are in Switserland, right?

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