Formula for loan payments (PMT), debt service coverage ratio

I’m just trying to build a small financial model for one of our projects. I need to calculate loan payments for a loan. After that, I need to build a debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) sensitivity. Any ideas on how to do it in Coda? Thank you.

I’d say to jump right in and start adding some data and formulas! I’ve found Coda to be a great tool that lets you play around with solutions instead of needing a full plan from the start. Many of my projects have turned out better than expected after I started moving things around and changing my strategy as the project grew.

Click around in the Template Gallery for some inspiration, and be sure to check the Finance section.

They have a great reference for formulas and functions that are offered as well.

If you can get started with your project, use sample data if you might want to share it here with the group, then in Google Drive share your Coda Doc as “View Only” and “Anyone with the link”. Then the community can help out in a more specific way for your project.

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@anon51475308 great use case for Coda! Would love to see you build it and then share it with the community. I think a lot of people would find that useful. Feel free to ping me directly if you get stuck.

Also, @Todd_Olson has created some really cool finance-based templates in Coda - the two of you should connect!


Thanks for the connection, @justin! @anon51475308, please take a look at my templates that Justin mentioned, and I would be happy to talk about it and learn more about what you’re doing.


Thank you for your help. I like your templates which is excellent. Any new development?
I just started to explore coda, and I need to learn more about how to use it. You are a far advance expert. I am using sliders for OPEX, maintenance, rent per night, an occupancy rate, loan ratio etc. to make sensitivity visible (it is great in Coda). I have no problem in Excel to calculate loan payments( 2660000€; 3%; 15 years; yearly payment) and create a debt service coverage ratio . In Coda as a beginner, I would need some advice. Thank you.

Thank you @justin. I just got in touch with @Todd_Olson.


I do not believe Coda has a built-in payment function (at least not yet). So you would need to build your own formula from scratch, as I did to calculate Net Present Value of a stream of cash flows in my model. You can find the payment formula online, such as here, at


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Thank you for your advice. I will do. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!