Is it possible to create relational data between User( ) and other column?

Hello . I would like to know if it is possible to create this relational data?

for example, I have table A and table B
In Table A , there would be 4 columns as following,

  1. task name
  2. user
  3. button that click to take a task and modify user column =user( )
  4. relational database from table B, for example department.

and Table B , maybe, have two columns

  1. user

Then, I want to click button and then pull information of table B department to Column A department

Can anybody help with code?

TableB.filter(currentValue.user = User() ).First().Department

The First() is there in case your other table has multiple rows for the same user, ensuring you always get one result.

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Just to be clear, the above pulls department of the currently logged in user. If you instead want a column formula for the department of whatever user is chosen in a row, it’s

TableB.filter(currentValue.user = thisRow.user).First().Department

thisRow means the row of the table this formula is in

CurrentValue means a row in the other table that is currently being evaluated by the filter (the filter will loop over all rows of the other table looking for a match)

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