Create a tempalte filter for new table entries

Hey guys,
I have 2 tables with the following purposes:

  • “People” (listing all my contacts)
  • “Tasks” (listing all my tasks, including a relation column to the “People” table

I have also created a Person template page, which I have set as the value for new rows in the “People” table.

What I would like to do is adding a view of my tasks to the template page, and automatically filter that view by the person that is represented in the specific “People” row.

So basically I want to avoid having to manually set a filter for the task view on each people record.

Also, what I just realised, this would mean I am creating a long list of views of the ‘Tasks’ table. Is there a way to avoid this?

You can use user() to get the logged in user. That can be the start to filter whichever table you want to filter. Obviously, there should be a column in the tasks table to identify the user. Perhaps you want to setup a user table with some extra columns (user email, user phone, user ID, etc.) to facilitate this, there are literrally 10’s of ways of doing this.

If you share a dummy doc with your idea of what this should look like, it is a lot easier to help you.

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