New table, filtering rows from another table by assignment and start date

I have a table with colunms:

  • Completed (checkbox)
  • Tasks
  • Start date
  • Due to
  • Assigned to

I want to create new table in the same doc, wich will insert “Tasks” by rules “assigned to = user” AND “start date < today OR start date = today” AND “checkbox = false”
How can i do this?
I tried using lookup, but it cant autofill rows and use multiple conditions.

Dear @dezvin,

I recommend to create a view from your original table on the location you wish and then to set the filters according your needs.

If you face any challenges, feel free to share a dummy sample so some community member will be able to assist! :building_construction: :construction_worker_woman:t5: :construction_worker_man:t5:

Hi @dezvin,
@Jean_Pierre_Traets anticipated me with his request.

However, I just created a mock-use case to see if it meets your needs:

One question: does the assignee selection need to be manual?
Otherwise you could just set-up an automation that automatically populates the destination table with all the assignees.

Feel free to ask if you need further information.

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Thank you for answer @Jean_Pierre_Traets and @Federico_Stefanato
I know about views.
But i want separate table with something like lookup, because i want send assigned tasks to telegram via integromat. And Integromat dont see views, only separate table.

Hi @dezvin,

Actually, Destination Table is a separate table… there are no views involved, in the example.
Am i missing something? :thinking: