Is it possible to link to a specific place in a section (ie. a header)?

I was looking for way to link a specific place inside a section that is not a table or another section. Is this possible?

Add the option to link to a Header (H1/H2/H3). With link (ctrl + k)

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Hi @Roar_Gjovaag,

Although it’s not exactly following the conditions (Not a table), I have created in the attached doc a sample how to be moved between different section at a certain location in the section.

According my knowledge this is the only way.

I am wondering how you imagine to be able to “jump” to a place that has no name assigned to?
Would be great if you could explain more details or refer to a place where such is possible :handshake:


Was expecting something like HTML href to the elements ID by setting a hashtag or something.

Or since the H1, H2 and H3 is static, I maybe the headers would be indexed .

Seconding this suggestion. I have lots of documentation pages with a series of headings (H1-H3). It would be rad to have:

  1. Insert option to add in a “table of contents” (MVP: all headings on the page, Phase 2: customized heading levels).
  2. Add in anchor tags via editor and control the table of contents manually.

There is a way to make it work without using tables, but it’s far from perfect.


+1 for this feature.

My requirement is that if I create a “Help” section for a doc, it will likely be quite long and contain the help for all the sections in the doc. Therefore, in the Tasks section in the doc, it would be helpful to be able to link to the “Tasks” heading in the “Help” section.

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I wouldn’t say that this is on the shortlist of features that are coming up soon, but it’s definitely top of mind and has had a lot of talk around here.


Thanks Ben! Appreciate the team thinking about this feature.

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