Is it possible to link to a specific place in a section (ie. a header)?

I was looking for way to link a specific place inside a section that is not a table or another section. Is this possible?

Add the option to link to a Header (H1/H2/H3). With link (ctrl + k)

Edit:Moved to suggestion Box.

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Hi @Roar_Gjovaag,

Although it’s not exactly following the conditions (Not a table), I have created in the attached doc a sample how to be moved between different section at a certain location in the section.

According my knowledge this is the only way.

I am wondering how you imagine to be able to “jump” to a place that has no name assigned to?
Would be great if you could explain more details or refer to a place where such is possible :handshake:


Was expecting something like HTML href to the elements ID by setting a hashtag or something.

Or since the H1, H2 and H3 is static, I maybe the headers would be indexed .