Link to a specific part of a page in a canvas?

We are using a table with a Canvas column for policies/procedures. In the elements of the Canvas, there are various sections broken up by H1, H2, etc headers.

If it’s a page, it’s possible to use the three dots menu to get a link to that anchor of that page, but we would like to be able to put links to specific parts of the Canvas page (ie, in the document itself it might link to jump ahead to a section, etc)

This does not seem possible? Is there a trick to it?

Hi Matty,

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One of the drawback to the Canvas column is that you cannot reference specific objects in the canvas like you can do on a page.

I am not aware of a workaround for that. Hopefully one of the clever people on the forum is able to help out with that?


Adding on to this, if it would be possible to get a table-of-contents inside the canvas. The “outline” option referenced as a solution here does not work in a canvas.

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