@ mention a section

I often begin a new project by taking notes. I would like to be able to then build a section for that project and @ mention relevant notes/sections for quick access to those notes.
Like linking to a row, but without the overhead of creating a table.

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inserting hyperlink from toolbar and link it to a specific section should work right?

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Yeah like Krunal said, you can click the hyperlink button on the toolbar. You can also hit Command+K or just paste in the link to the section.

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While this works, is there a reason why it shouldn’t show up in “@” mentions?

Linking to it the way you describe works. But it’s lacking the “hover to discover” feature of @mentions.
Still, I appreciate the feedback, @Krunal_Sheth and @Angad. Thank you.

But I’m with @GJ_Roelofs. Is there any reason not to be able to @mention a section? It would save me from jumping from my project/subject into a related note, back to my product/subject section because that wasn’t the note I was looking for, and then repeat.

It’s not that critical. I try to keep all my notes in the section in which it belongs. It’s part of the “project” or subject, after all. But when a handful of notes come first… Just hoping for a way to make collecting the information easier.

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Totally, it’s a great idea to bring sections into the @mention experience. Will pass on the idea to the team!


Any updates on this? :smiley:

@Angad Actually, it would really be interesting to be able to @ headers in sections as well.
That way I don’t have to setup a Glossary table.


Hey GJ those are both great ideas. We aren’t working on those actively at the moment so I can’t promise a timeline yet. However we have some other exciting updates coming out soon and that will hopefully make your experience better!


Well that’s definitely something to tease with then! Looking forward to it!

bringing it up again :point_up_2:t2::slightly_smiling_face: