@ mention a table

When writing a Doc some time I want to refer to a table. By refer I mean let people know that I’m talking about a specific table and provide a link so they can jump to that table.

When using mention with @tablename, I can refer to a row but not table name. Currently I need to add a heading on top of table and use hyperlink to jump to heading, but it’s not an optimum solution.

Any hint is much appreciated.

Viet Anh

Hi @Viet_Anh_Hoang, welcome to the community.

If I understand your question right: You can directly refer to any table using the Insert hyperlink button on the top menu next to the button to insert emoticons, or use the shortcut, which is command+K on a mac. Scroll down for tables or just start typing the name of the table and it will appear. If not specifying a text to display, the hyperlink will have a nice table symbol followed by the name of the table, which will change automatically when renaming the table.

Hope this answers your question!


Thanks. It’s clear now. To reference to just a table name, I should use hyperlink instead of @mention.

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