Is it possible to use two different card layouts on the same board?

I have a doc that holds a Cards view of all our Events department’s key projects and deadlines. This contains Events (eg “thumbwrestling tournament”) and Comms (eg “newsletter”). I created two layouts (“events” and “comms”) so we can display relevant columns within each card.

Ideally: open an event card and we see attendee numbers, and other relevant items. Open a comms card and we see open rates, etc.

However if I apply either layout it changes for all cards on the board. Is there a way around this?

Hello @Adam_Maggs ,

Assuming I am reading your message correctly, your default display is card and all the cards look the same. When you open a card (by left clicking on the card, it opens in whatever display you have selected. If you make a button and make it available on the card, you can use openrow() to open a modal for the active row. The nice thing about open row is that you can choose which layout you want to use - and you can do that with code.

What you need to do:

  1. make a a layout for events, this will be your default layout.
  2. make a view of your table, call it comms and make a new layout for the comms view.
  3. put this view somewhere out of sight (like on a hidden page) and, optionally, put a filter on the table to hide all rows. This view has only one purpose, attaching a default view for this view.
  4. go back to your mail table, add a button to open the row and use the function openrow() to do so.
  5. in openrow you can specify which layout you want to use by specifying the table/view (that uses the layout you want to use). Use some code to make Coda use the view that is appropriate for the row you want to open.

If you find it hard to work this out, make a dummy doc that resembles what you want to do, share it in this thread and we can show you how to do this.


Hello @joost_mineur ,
Thanks for your help! I’m not quite sure I understand so I have created a dummy doc that you can edit: Events and Newsletters

What I am hoping to achieve is to be able to click the “event” card and see the Event Layout then click the “newsletter” card and see the Newsletter layout.

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Hello @Adam_Maggs ,

It can only be done through a button, but that might work for you.

You document has been adjusted to reflect what I mean.


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Wow, @joost_mineur this is a brilliant solution. I see exactly how this is working now - thank you so much!

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