Is Max Int 9007199254740992?

What is the max int in Coda?

Given that

Power(2, 54) - 1 < Power(2, 54)

Returns false and

Power(2, 53) - 1 < Power(2, 53)

returns true it seems to be 9007199254740992.

Can anyone confirm that?

@BenLee @Paul_Danyliuk, one of you might know?

Ints are not ints but IEEE 754 floats in Coda.

Meaning that you can have higher exponents but will lose precision.

(p.s. everything is IEEE 754 floats in Coda and it’s quite sad IMO)

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So up to what threshold can I treat them as ints?

In JS it’s 9007199254740991, or 253 - 1

Given that Coda formulas are mostly backed by standard JS functions, I guess that should be the case as well.


hi @cnr , what is the use case behind this ?
I follow the math logic, but do not yet see a practical application in Coda, but I guess you do.
cheers, christiaan