Is there a formula for first Tuesday of the month?

I expect to give it the year and the month and have it return the first tuesday.

hello @Bruce_Axtens , thanks for asking
I wonder what options you tried before you posted the question, here you find the details:

below in a few steps how you get there

  • I created sub tables with the weekdays and months I used as look-ups
  • I created the first date of the respective month
  • I filtered on the the first Tuesday, but It can be any weekday

this part creates the date


this is the filter


enjoy, Christiaan

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@Christiaan_Huizer :blush: : Would you mind checking if Anyone with the link is set on Can view :blush: (we can’t access/see your embed at the moment :innocent:)

thx @Pch , it is done.
this part of Coda does not feel intuitive yet for me.

No problem @Christiaan_Huizer :wink: !

And yes, this step in the sharing process is a bit “too well hidden”, thus, easily forgettable/counter intuitive :innocent: .