Is there a new limit in listTables?

I’m trying to see the IDs of my tables in a doc, but when I use listTables, I only see about half of the tables in my doc. Is there a way to fix this?

Here’s my function:

TARGET_DOC_ID = 'abcdefghijklm'
    function printTargetDocTables() {
      var tables = CodaAPI.listTables(TARGET_DOC_ID).items;
      Logger.log('Tables are: ' + prettyPrint(tables));

That used to show all my tables.

I was synching three dependent tables via the API, but signed up for the CrossDoc beta and deleted two of them. I want to sync a table from a free workspace to a team workspace, so I can’t use CrossDoc anymore and want to use the API again, but I can’t get my sync function to work anymore because (I think) I can’t find the IDs of two tables in my target doc.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @DSB,

To my knowledge, we haven’t imposed any new limit on what listTables() might return. Currently only the first 100 tables are returned, but you can control this using the limit parameter. Maybe you’re looking for views? Those are exposed via a different endpoint.

If you get in touch with us with us via in-doc support and share the doc/details, we’d be happy to look into why some of your tables aren’t showing.

As for Cross Doc, you should be able to sync a table that’s in a free workspace into a doc in your Team workspace. The Cross Doc feature is available in Team workspaces, and you can pull in tables from any other source you have access to.

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Thanks so much, Oleg. I realized earlier today I can sync from a free to a paid workspace, so I’ll just do that.

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