Is there a way to establish a conditional lookup relationship?

Hi all,

Let’s say I have I’ve created Lookup Table of a, b, c and another Lookup table of x, y, z

Is it possible if let’s say, if the data I’ve collected is a and b then the data will automatically update to X


if a and b then x
if a and c then z
if b and c then y

Thank you!


Hello @Alan_Jiang!
Would you mind sharing a doc or a screen capture of what you need to happen even if the formulas aren’t there?

What you put as an example appears to need a SwitchIf() but your description makes me think of something else.

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Hi @Saul_Garcia,

Thank you for your response. Here is an example

Essentially, I want to create something that if someone selects AB, Column XYZ’s corresponding row will automatically be Y.

Thank you!

Hi @Alan_Jiang,

My formula in the XYZ column might not be very elegant, but I think it does what you are looking for. Just know that the formula treats similar combinations such as A,C and C,A as equal.

thisRow.ABC.ContainsOnly(A,B),Lookup([Lookup 2],[Lookup 2].[Column 1],"Y"), thisRow.ABC.ContainsOnly(B,C),lookup([Lookup 2],[Lookup 2].[Column 1],"Z"),
thisRow.ABC.ContainsOnly(A,C),lookup([Lookup 2],[Lookup 2].[Column 1],"X"))

Thanks for elaborating @Alan_Jiang!

I modified your doc a bit to accomplish what you need.

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