Is there a way to "Play and Edit"?


I am trying to use this as a front-facing user interface, but it doesn’t really look like a “global play and edit” is available. I don’t need the person to be logged in to use this, is this possible?

It would be nice to just have a way to display a “play only” version of a single document


Hi @espresso, curious what exactly you have in mind.
Have you tried setting “Anyone with a link” to the “Can View or Play” option?

That allows logged out users to interact with the doc. You can open the link in an Incognito tab to see what that’s like. Let me know if you’re looking for something else.


Yeah so the “view or play” is read only, sadly.

What I want is to give my assistant a link, and allow them to only view the single document, in play mode, but be able to make changes to it.

Lets take the example of a todo list. the document will be only in play mode, and they can just change the checkboxes.

Does this make sense?