Is there a way to select a select list and then auto fill other column as editable text

I have a Product table (tableA) with Name (Display), Quantity, Price

I have another table call QuotationTable (tableB)
In quotation table I have select list column in which I would like to select from a list of product table. Then I have another column call ProductQuantity and another called ProductPrice.

After I select from a list, I want to pull TableA.Quantity to TableB.ProductQuantity and TableA.Price to TableBProductPrice without pressing a any button , just select from a list.

The value I pull , I also want them to be editable not formula.

Any idea?

Hi @Korn_Tris !
I would use an automation for that. As I’ve checked your problem very quickly, I did consider that the product name are unique. Please tell me if not

So you’ve got your 2 tables :

And this automation that will trigger each time you select a product in Quotation Table, and push data from Product table to Quotation Table

Here you go (long gif waiting for automation but it works)


Does that help ?

Please find embed below


Thanks a lot @Quentin_Morel . this really help to get the idea of the solution. However, the way it ran automation is too slow for actual use. Hope I could have other way to do this as well.

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