Is there any way that we can use Coda as a database, but using some other No code tools to access the data and build a web app / mobile app?

API, Workflows, Integrations and all things built on Coda
I am trying to use coda as a database, and use some other No code app as interface.
I knew airtable can do that, there are some other no code tools like stacker, jet admin or softr can access the airtable data and create web app or apps.

Can I just ask - why not build the web-app in Coda itself? Airtable needs crutches like Softr or Glide but Coda doesn’t need those normally.

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A few years back I wrote a blog post titles “Why you shouldn’t use Google Sheets as a database”, and I think the same basic rules apply to Coda tables as well. The Coda API can be used to read and write to tables, but it lacks certain features you’d ideally want in a full database (complex queries, etc).


Hi Bob,

In my mind there are broadly two categories of no code apps

  • One type is where a traditional programming/ database environment is made easier to use improving the productivity of professional coders. Here I think about apps like Airbase, Appgyver, Bubble etc.
  • The other type is products like Notion and Coda. They have a much more end-user focus.

It all depends on what you mean with “database”. If you are looking for ACID, relational integrity, queries and joins, I don’t think that Coda is your answer. I would build the app in Coda, as Coda has a really good and easy to use interface, and it is improving all the time. If you run into database problems, then shift your data tables somewhere else.

Let us know more of what exactly you want to do, then we can have a more informed discussion

Rambling Pete



Those are good points, I created a CRM in coda, however the mobile side is not that friendly for team to enter data. If it can integrate into airtable or freshsales, it would be much better, is there anyway to do that?


Piet Strydom via Coda Maker Community <> 于 2022年5月25日周三 下午10:33写道:

Hi Bob,

My experience in Coda with mobile and integrating is limited, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will comment as well.

Even if you are using forms?


It took a few iterations, but I was able to create a Coda doc for my weekly meal planning that looked good on mobile:

You can see the full doc here:


Hello @Eric_Koleda ,

Really well done your doc, it will help a lot of people to diversify their food :slight_smile:



Thanks for sending this. It seems like adding a button helps