Issue with Configuring "Push Button" in Cross-Doc with Shared Account

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue while trying to configure the “Push Button” command in a Cross-Doc scenario in Coda. Here’s the situation:

I’m using Coda to sync data across multiple documents, and I need to utilize the “Push Button” functionality to trigger actions between these documents. When using my own account, I can configure the “Push Button” command without any issues. However, when I select a shared account, the button configuration options become limited, and I can’t define the actions in detail - and if I try to specify the function manually, I don’t get the name of the buttons.

So far, I’ve checked the permissions for the shared account, ensured the documents are correctly linked, reviewed the column, views and button configuration for all required fields and actions. Despite these efforts, I’m still unable to get the “Push Button” to work correctly with the shared account. Here you can see the problem: Video

Does anyone know something?

Thank you so much!