Jira Integration: Need a field with the current sprint only (not a list of sprints a ticket had been assigned to in the past)

I’m trying to build a table and create a column grouped by current sprint. The problem is that the ‘Sprint’ field from Jira lists every sprint that a ticket had been assigned to in the past. For example, if it started in Sprint 5 but spilled over to Sprint 6, both Sprint 5 and Sprint 6 are listed in the field. This prevents the column from grouping it all under Sprint 6 but breaks it out as a separate grouping.

Is there a way to list only the current Sprint from Jira? Either by adjusting the Jira integration settings, using a formula to derive only the current sprint, or something else? Thanks!

Hey there, looks like a JQL query like sprint in openSprints() can do this. Care to give it a shot and let us know how it goes?

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