Joining the Pack Makers!

I refrained from looking at making packs for a long time, but gave in over December and built a pack to perform Unit of Measure conversions for length, area and weight.

Was a breeze with the great pack tools that Coda provides! Thanks y’all!

Have a look, and let me know comments, suggestions.

Turns out that units of measure can be quite an interesting topic, and the companion document took on a life of its own. Interesting that none of the SI basic units of measure are defined in terms of a physical object anymore.

Just a ramble…


Welcome to the club! Glad to have you along for the ride.

What was the experience like building your first pack?

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It was like falling out a tree, just let go…

I was really impressed with the end to end completeness and simplicity of the whole process. And at the same time with the depth of functionality available, even if I have just scratched the surface.

And take into account that Packs is a brand-new product, the package is extremely well thought through. From the listing info that pulls in the formulas, to the indenting and commenting in the code section.