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I created a document, and have decided to share with you. For the past year or so I have been dealing with post concussion syndrome leaving me feeling “off”. From self research, the benefits from journaling are tremendous. But, unfortunately when your feeling off, the last thing you want to do is write about your feelings, or what your thankful for. What I have gravitated towards is journaling about quotes… so I created this document where I can input my what, how and why of my feelings, generate a randomized quote and start writing.



what a clever and elegant solution !
and you are generous to share it with us.

i have journaled every day for many decades, since i read “the artists way” way, way back when.

as your quote says; journaling is a great way to understand what you are thinking, feeling and avoiding.

whenever my productivity system shows me that i am procrastinating on something, i will journal about the task and that uncovers what is making me avoid it.

and as you pointed out in your post, journaling can unlock a vast and hidden amount of self care, healing energy, and deep self awareness.

this simple (but ingenious) trick of providing an insightful quotation based on how you feel… it unlocks the brain and turns on the ‘stream of consciousness’ output channel, that is the mind’s built-in debugging system.

i LOVE it



Dear @Erik_Andersson1,

Very nice share :trophy: - not a use-case that has been coming for me in mind.

Another reason why this community is so great as there are and will be as many use-cases as Makers have different needs and interceptions of the world around them.

One thing more to mention is the interesting use of the “New Canvas” column with a template page you prepared :gem:

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Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes just having a quote or something to write about gives you the creative spark to block some other emotions out.

Yes canvas has been awesome, it allows for essentially automate templates to be created. Very useful .

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