Moody Me 🎭 : A mood tracker

Hi everybody :wave: :blush: !

As you may know, Coda ran its very first Coda Doctorate :mortar_board: from which I have now officially graduated :woman_student: :partying_face: :raised_hands: !

In order to complete the program we had to build a Capstone Project :grin:, so here’s mine :innocent: !

It’s the first version of a mood tracker which comes pre-loaded with 32 emotions based on a “Wheel of Emotions” :blush: (the whole idea :bulb: comes from my SO).

To track your mood, you need to evaluate your level of energy, how positive or negative your feeling is and the tracker will retrieve the Emotion you’re currently experiencing for you (from the 32 pre-loaded emotions) :blush: .

It’s not flawless :blush:, I’m still second guessing some shortcuts I had to take (for a question of time) but I’m really satisfied and at peace with this first version :grin: :raised_hands: !

Special Thanks to :

@maria and @Rocky_Moon (also @BenLee ) for guiding us and helping us building out our Coda Skills :raised_hands: during the Doctorate :mortar_board: :grin: !
Thank you so so so very much for your cheerfulness :raised_hands:, encouragements :partying_face: and for this amazing experience this very first Doctorate was :star_struck: :grin: !!!

@Federico.Stefanato for helping me working around a precision issue I encountered in my ranges :raised_hands:

And last but not least @Alexandre_Husset and @Otto_Kiefer for their more than helpful reviews of my Capstone project which lead me to this first yet final version of this doc :raised_hands: :grin: !


hi @Pch , thx for sharing. it looks good and well organised.
this page I liked a lot : Moody Me · Data
though it also shows that building larger documents requires quite a bit of effort and knowledge, this presupposes training and dedication! You showed great skills!

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I love this. Gonna dig into it further later but in general giving people more tools to be aware of their emotions is a good thing.

I have a copy of this this ‘Feelings Inventory’ printed out at my desk. It’s a bit different from the emotions wheel version, but has a similar purpose of helping to categorize and give words to feelings to help people be aware of what’s going on inside them


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