Just an idea to Coda from ObservableHQ

In ObservableHQ, it can run HTML, CSS, JS code inside Note(Page, Doc ) and it can build an app prototype.

You can view this demo https://observablehq.com/explore

Well I got idea when I’m thinking it with Coda that also can build an app in Doc.

If Coda allow to run code inside note, and make it to plugin store ,insert into note , not build pack.

such as build “slider plugin”, chart race plugin for non-code users.

This idea will solve 5 big issues :

  1. save time , Coda’s designers,developers, and no need to build some features by user request.

  2. Expand Coda features and ability by coder user

  3. and user no need wait so much time ,and no need to request more and more times with the same missing feature.

  4. make more money by plugin store

  5. more popluar by coder user and non-code users.

But this idea will change the current Coda code structure. So I don’t think Coda will add this feature

Just an idea , forget it . :upside_down_face:

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