Support for user scripts (Javascript)

This is a tricky feature to request, but an impactful one.

In my past life I used to work with TestRail, a QA management tool. One of its killer features was the ability to create your own UI scripts — pieces of Javascript that could be injected into specified pages and manipulate content on those pages and make API requests. For example, one of my scripts — save the test, then clone it and edit it in a single click — is still very popular there.

Supporting something like this for Coda could be huge. This would let us add extra functionality ourselves, be it different kinds of charts, in-browser encryption, or some sophisticated actions.


This would be really awesome to see added in! My assumption is that this would take the Coda team a long time to implement, partially because it needs to be approved and partially because there are a TON of security implications with this. From what I can tell, Coda is built on React & Redux (as far as I can tell), which means that any JS that isn’t just a data-transformation needs to be a React component that follows whatever API they have established within their code-base (which could potentially be more advanced than most people are comfortable with).

If the goal is to be able to create UI components, I think that this feature request might make more sense - I think it might make more sense for this to be a request to open-source their document UI component library rather than to support user scripts.

Yeah, I totally agree and I see how it’s a barely realistic feature request. Not only Coda uses React & Redux, but also has minified, seemingly webpack’d code, which is impossible to integrate with (because of minified method names and stuff). Whereas TestRail always had and still has their JS neatly organized in a non-minified fashion, and uses simple jQuery for everything front-end.

I just felt like throwing this out. I’d love any possibility to extend Coda with 3rd party plugins such as UI components and custom functions.

I am wondering if anything like observable is possible to be implemented in coda? I.e. code blocks that can read coda data and variables and manipulate them. That would make coda an amazing system.

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