Knowledge Management Update Question

I’m looking at possible Knowledge Management replacements to replace our current platform Guru.

The biggest pain-point with Guru right now is updating documentation for customer service agents.

Example: If I have a support article that says “To complete XYZ…” and it needs to be updated to “To complete ZYX…”, due to a change in process, or policy, can I search that a keyword in Coda, then complete an update to all the support articles to reflect the change so I don’t have to go through one by one updating each manually?

I remember Confluence having that capability, just not sure if Coda does? Any insight?

Hi Nick,

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As always, the answer is “It depends”. It depends on how you structure your document.

There is not a native Search and Replace function like in Word, but you can structure your document in such a way that you can achieve the end result using formulas.

Off the cuff I can think of two approaches.

  1. If your support articles are maintained in a table(s), say in a canvas column, you can then use combinations of the slice, split, concatenate and other formulas to find and replace texts in the canvas cell(s). This seems closest to your requirement.
  2. The other approach os where a piece of text, say a paragraph of terms and conditions are reused in many places. In this case you would have the paragraph in a central table, and you would then use a canvas filter to bring that text into where you need it.

Hope this helps, shout if you have more questions.


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Nick, a couple coda methods from the archives:

  1. (2020-07-20) coda doc from Shane_Robinson
  2. (2020-03-23) .gif from BenLee
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Thanks! super helpful!

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