LANDSCAPE mode on MOBILE not working!

my most senior clients (CEOs, CTOs and CFOs) mostly use my docs on their smartphones.

they reporting that they cannot view my docs in LANDSCAPE orientation, but only on PORTRAIT mode.
this renders the docs UNUSABLE!

is anyone else experiencing this bug?

i have reported this to CODA Support but have had no response yet.


I can reproduce :confused: … sadly … if it can reassure you, in a way :sweat_smile:

I have the same doc opened on iPhone and iPad, both using the Coda mobile app’ :

  • iPhone: the doc stays stuck in Portrait
  • iPad: I can change the orientation without any difficulties (it switches perfectly between Landscape, Portrait and vice-versa)

I’ll admit my iPhone is getting old, my iPad is brand new and I almost never use Coda on my phone but I thought it was doable before…

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it was working before… this is new bug

Thanks for confirming my thought @Xyzor_Max :blush: .

(Sorry, for not being able to do more than reproducing the bug :pensive: )

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Same here on all of my android devices (phones, tablets). I can’t remember that I have ever been able to rotate the screen to landscape.

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Hi all, thanks for reporting this. It looks like Coda Support is in progress and speaking to @Xyzor_Max at the moment. We hope to have an update to share soon. Thanks!


@steph , thanks for the update, no contact yet,
its queued for Zac who seems to be away today
but will be patient; its not URGENT but it is IMPORTANT



i have discovered a workaround that works for my clients.
the ‘flip to landscape mode’ works if they view the document with the mobile chrome browser
instead of the coda mobile app.

so, when i select the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option in the mobile browser,
the resulting icon on the home screen will open the doc and allow the landscape mode.

so this bug only appears inside the coda mobile app and not the android chrome browser

this trick has the added advantage of placing a nice icon on your mobile home-screen for the document;
like a real app