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I am creating a lot of bilingual CODA Docs, in English and Spanish. But it is a nightmare with CODA.

The greatest problem is that CODA detects a language automatically. Once you start writing a page in English, it detects the English and highlights it with a red line error. But if you switch to Spanish it keeps thinking it is in English. It destroys completely the idea of orthography and grammar checks.

Moreover, when you switch to presentation mode, it should eliminate the highlights of errors, but it does not!

WORD comes helpful in this regard because you may choose the language of even a single word and that is great.

I use Grammarly in my browser and it works very well even with CODA. But CODA highlights text anyway (Grammarly and Coda use different highlights)

I always thought this language thing was quite annoying, but now that I am working with bilingual CODA Docs, it is really a nightmare.

Any ideas?


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Hey @Pedro_Bernardo_Juan_Celis_Caraballo, thanks for this really thoughtful feedback! I can totally appreciate how frustrating this must be.

Coda doesn’t have a native spellchecker tool, so that behavior you’re describing here sounds like it’s coming from your device or browser. It could be worth checking the settings for your system’s spell check tool to see if there’s any way to add words and languages to your dictionary/ies or other options that could improve the behavior here at all.

That said, we know that it’d be awesome to see better multi-language support in Coda, so we’ve gone ahead and filed your feedback with the team. Thanks again for sharing!


Thanks Jasmine!

That sounds great.

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