Launched: A cleaner home for docs and workspaces

Home is where the heart is. Or in our case, where the docs are.

It’s a special place, which is why we’ve spent the last few months streamlining the landing experience — so we can provide you better doc and folder navigation. We’ve brought forward some of the features that make collaborating within Coda joyful with templates, made it easier to see who’s where with members, and helped you customize with shortcuts & pinned docs. Today, we’re excited to reveal our smoothest renovation yet: a cleaner, more elegant workspace and Docs list.


Before, you landed into All Docs when you opened Coda — a comprehensive view of all the docs and templates you have access to. While this view was handy as an all-in-one stop, it also made it difficult to organize your workspace as it grew over time.

Starting today, you’ll be able to navigate through your workspace elements more easily. Quickly find the docs, templates, members, and settings of your workspace. And, you can collapse and expand each workspace so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

A few tips to help you explore your updated home:

  • One workspace will be expanded at a time to focus and ensure a cleaner feel
  • Looking for doc filters like My Shortcuts, Owned by me, Shared by me, Mentioned, or Deleted? These used to be on the left-hand nav bar but are now in your centered Docs list as filter options.
  • Once you’re in your desired workspace, you can click into Folders in the left-hand nav to see what public folders you’ve joined or haven’t joined
  • See who is in your workspace and invite new members in via the new Members page

Curious to learn more about the changes and how we built this feature? Check out this doc for a behind-the-scenes tour or join us on October 6th for the Coda Block Party , a virtual celebration of the maker generation.


Sharing @jeo feedback thread here: Select Default Workspace


Perhaps I am missing them or something is wrong. I see the new menu on the left, but the only filter I see is for “Docs”. Where are the filter replacements for “My Shortcuts”, “Owned by me”, “Shared with me”, “Mentioned”, and “Deleted”? Is it different from what is shown in the featured clip as my account is not part of a team?

This is amazing. Thank you!

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not sure if it’s showing up differently for you, but I see them all

It is showing differently for me:

That’s because you selected “My docs” in the side menu.

It was selected before the change. How do I deselect it as it appears at least one folder must be selected? Is there a reference or video around that shows what it is supposed to look like? I cannot find my shortcuts at all.

Hi @rwd Now you can find filter docs by My Shortcuts in both All Docs and in each workspace home (the list of docs you will see after clicking on a workspace name in the left sidebar).

If you have multiple workspaces and are looking for shortcuts across all of them, you can click on All Docs in the left sidebar and click on the My Shortcuts tab above the list of docs. If you are in a single workspace, you can click on the same tab in the workspace home.

Let us know if that gets you to what you are looking for.

I only have one workspace and I see now all of the moved UX components, however, I do not see any explicit “All Docs” options:

I see the equivalent off the old all docs by going to the workspace and clicking on the “Docs” tab, but that is only one way.

I don’t have that menu, either.

If this help, I found it. I had to click on the link highlighted here.


this video or gif is hard to see - when i press ‘pause’ it doesnt pause, but instead returns back to the beginning, is it suppose to do that?

Hey @rwd! Thanks for your feedback. We’ve brought ‘My Shortcuts’ back, along with some new visual aids for an improved look. You can learn more here: Launched: Requested updates to Docs list

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