Select Default Workspace

Continuing the discussion from Launched: A cleaner home for docs and workspaces:

@Steve_Won I would like to request the ability to Select Default Workspace

  1. currently in the coda dashboard ( workspaces are sorted alphabetically. For example, my primary workspace beings with the letter “P” which is located underneath a workspace that I am invited to (but I don’t use) that begins with the letter “C”. My primary workspace should be at the top, regardless of naming convention, please. :point_down:


  1. When I copy a doc, I would like to not have to scroll down and select the destination workspace. Ideally the default workspace should appear at the top of the pop-up AND should already be selected, please. :point_down:

2021-09-30 at 09.29AM

Thanks for sharing @jeo . We will take this feedback into account as we continue improving the doc list and workspaces experience!