Coda API, getting Workspace / User Role

The CodaAPI endpoint /whoami returns user info and a workspace.

But since you can have multiple workspaces and a key is not assigned to one, what determines which workspace is shown there?

Also there is a “type” field. It shows “user”. Can it be something else?

Feature Request:
I’m looking for a request that returns the workspaces of the user and his role in it (admin, maker, user). Either via /workspaces or as part of /whoami via workspaces in stead of workspace


Hi @Daniel_Stieber - The workspace returned in /whoami is the same one used by and other contexts where the user doesn’t explicitly select the workspace. How it’s selected is complicated backend logic that isn’t important, but it’s safe to think of it as the “primary” workspace for the user.

Unfortunately there isn’t an endpoint available that will return all of the workspaces the user is a member of, but it’s a good feature request!


For some reason my «primary» workspace (for is not my original one nor any of those where I am an admin — it’s the one I was added to (a Doctorate cohort) :man_shrugging: Effectively I can’t use because whenever I do I have to remember to move the doc afterwards :slightly_frowning_face:

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this happened to me also.

and i could find no way to change it.

so in the end, i had maria remove me from the doctorate cohort workspace.

then my default reverted back to my primary workspace again

need a way to (a) KNOW what space is being used and (b) CHANGE it to the one we want


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