Multiple Account Handling / Workspace Listing

Allow logging in to multiple accounts so that work and personal workspaces are shown in the same list from your “parent” account.

Hi Skyler, welcome to the community!

Could you elaborate a bit on your request?

What do you mean with “parent” account? Pl


Consider the situation where you have multiple Coda accounts like: me@gmail, me@work, me@otherjob(.com); and each of these are associated with different company workspaces.

I would like to be able to log in to my primary email address me@gmail, and then after I am logged in I would like to be able to add / log in to my other accounts (me@work, me@otherjob) and have the work-spaces for all the accounts show in the listing without needing to log out / log in or otherwise be switching accounts.

The workspaces for the other accounts should just show in the same listing with a (me@work) tag next to it to indicate which account the workspace is associated with.

This is a different way of handling multiple accounts compared to an Account Switcher:

This would let you manage multiple workspaces (associated with multiple accounts) from one central place.

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