Multiple Slack spaces, multiple Coda workspaces

Hi, this may be a completely dumb question but I have not seen any posts on it. I am new to Coda but think it is a game-changer app out there.

  1. I support multiple small non-profits with multiple Slack workspaces.
  2. I have set up multiple free Coda workspaces using a single email address for each of these groups as well.
  3. When I follow the instructions to connect a Coda workspace to a Slack instance (to activate the Coda Bot functions and add members), I get success on the first one but then find all the other Coda workspaces tell me I am already connected to my first Slack workspace. Not what I want at all.

I assume my solution is that I now need to create a bunch of Coda accounts (as opposed to workspaces in one account) with unique email addresses (ugh!) , in order to be able to get a specific Slack workspace connected to a specific Coda workspace? Thank you in advance for any clarity you can all shed on this for me.

I’m not sure I totally follow, but for what it’s worth, Packs (like Slack) allow you to manage any number of accounts with remote services. So for example, within one Coda account, you can connect to many Slack accounts (could be in the same Slack instance, or different Slack instances).

But maybe it gets more complicated with Slack specifically (when it comes to the bot and stuff)

Hi @Nick_HE thanks for chiming in. I need to have each organisation I support have their slack instance connected to a Coda instance. I thought I could do this by having multiple
coda workspaces defined under the one Coda account and then invoking the Coda Bot to each Slack instance unique for that organisation- but this does not seem to be the case - as the Coda account connects to one instance of Slack only. So if I want nonprofit A Coda to connect to Non profit A Slack,I need to create a Coda account with email A - and then repeat with each other non profit, using unique email addresses B,C And D. Horrible. And the opposite of Slack. Unless I am missing something. :roll_eyes: Which is entirely possible.

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