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Apologies if this is explained somewhere in the documentation, but I’ve been searching and can’t find it anywhere. I’m contemplating using Coda to organize a team of folks who do CPR training with a non-profit organization I’m involved with. We would like to use Coda as a central clearing house for a Wiki and other information for the instructors as well as a way for them to submit information about workshops they’re running. I can’t seem to find any way to bulk invite a group of people as editors in Coda. It seems the only way to invite new members is one email address at a time. Is there some functionality to add a group of people via a csv or some other mechanism to a Coda workspace?

Thanks for any help you can offer. I’ve been working with Notion for awhile, but there are so many advantages to Coda that I’d like to try to make the switch.


Hello @Dan_Fletcher

If I have understood your request correctly, here is what to do.
In the top right of your page is the share button, press it and you will have a menu with the first link that you can share with editing rights.



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Welcome to the Coda Community, @Dan_Fletcher!

Further to Thierry’s suggestion there is also the option of adding multiple email addresses in the field at the top of the share window. I think, however, that you would need to assign access level individually for each user after adding them.


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