Slack Directory

Love the coda bot for slack, but would love as an extnsion of that to be able to connect a coda doc to a slack space so as to be able to easily create an automated Slack directory. So when someone is added to our slack community, they’re automatically added to the Coda slack directory. Would be a great addition! I’ve yet to find a great solution for this (i’ve seen something close with Airtable, but we’re Coda users).

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Hi Devin! Thanks for posting this suggestion.

For a workaround, I suggest exploring Zapier to see if the Trigger “New User” in the Slack integration meets your needs. I would create a Zap with the trigger “when a new user joins your Slack community,” add a step to filter by their email to search for their Coda username that coincides with that email, then adds it to your Coda Slack directory. They must use the same email they registered for your Slack community as they have for your Coda Slack directory for this to work.

The integration looks to be instant so it should add your new user within minutes of them joining. I hope this helps!

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