Feedback request: How can Coda make sharing with groups easy?

Hi everyone,
My name is Vidhya and I’m a new PM here at Coda :wave:. We’ve heard your feedback around sharing, and we are doing some research to make sharing with groups of people easy.

If you work with a large team and and often create docs that need to be shared with different groups of people, we’d love to understand your needs better. Please fill out this survey.

Thank you for helping us improve Coda! :blush:


Answered, but I’m not sure I understand what groups are? Could you give an example usecase?

Also, welcome to Coda! :slight_smile: Glad to have you here

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Thank you! Groups here refer to a general construct of large groups of people that you often work with, and not necessarily a product concept/feature.
A few examples of how we may share information with a group of people: email aliases, channels for chat, using folders etc.
We are really interested in learning more about how Coda users currently accomplish sharing a doc with a large number of people, and if we can make that experience better.

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Ah, ok.

So there are two ways I interact with groups of people:

I share docs with them for their use, where the doc does something different for them depending on their role.

I make data visualizations / summaries for clients where I don’t really want them to have access to the underlying data (because it’s in a doc that has other client’s data in it).

I have used email aliases, channels, and folders for each of these.

Email aliases are a common tool to reach for. Here are the times I’ve used them:

  1. When we want to associate notifications with a role instead of a person. E.g.

  2. When we want to aggregate notifications for a group. E.g.

  3. When we want to link a pack to a shared email address, once again with

Does that help?

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Hey everyone, we have an exciting update to sharing within Coda — Google workspace users can now sync and share docs with Google groups to make sharing and managing access faster and easier. This feature is available to all users across Coda’s free and paid tiers.

To share docs with Google groups,

  • Click the Share button in a doc within your enterprise workspace. To share the doc with a Google group, you can either click on “Connect Google groups” on the banner that’s shown or start typing a Google group email address that you’d like to share the doc with and click on the “Invite Google group” button.
  • After completing the OAuth process, you should be able to share your Coda doc by simply typing the email address of the group you want to share the doc with.

Click here to learn more.

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