⚙︎ Launched: A tidier toolbar

FYI we moved Packs, Automations, Doc Map, and Time Zone from your toolbar into a new “Doc Settings” sidebar. Just click the gear icon in the top-right corner to access it. Now there’s a little less clutter (and a little more room for future features :wink:). Go check it out!


Si curious about the future features!


Noice! Good addition, I think this will be a bit less intuitive for first timers, but it does make the whole document cleaner…


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This new sidebar looks really cool!

I would also suggest moving “debug calculations” to it.
This would make it significantly easier to find and you wouldn’t need to click so many times to display it.

Oh, and the close button doesn’t work in “Doc Map”.

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@Filmos, thanks for catching the Doc Map issue. We’ll make sure to fix that!

We intentionally made “debug calculations” a bit hard to find since only a small number of users need it (hopefully). But the shortcut to get to that is just by clicking the “Calculating” indicator.


Would be nice to have another way to launch it too because sometimes we would like to test before we get to the “Calculating…” stage :slight_smile:

I have a document which loads slowly at open and don’t get the Calculating… which probably is not something that the analysis would be able to pick but still I can try to see if I can optimise something.


@Stefan_Stoyanov yup you can do that too. Here’s how:


Excellent! Thanks, Angad!

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