Launched: Improvements to reactions and column naming

I’m excited to share the launch of several enhancements that make Coda simpler to use.

First, you no longer need to delete and recreate a reaction to remove previous submissions. Instead, we’ve added an option to clear all submitted reactions within the reaction settings menu. This feature can be particularly useful for reactions in weekly stand-ups or other recurring meetings. We’ve also simplified this setting to hide more advanced options until you need them.

Columns are easier to rename, too. Instead of double clicking on the column name, all you need to do is tap to select the column and then click on the current title to rename the column.

Stay tuned for more simplification improvements to Coda in the coming weeks! We’re excited to resolve these small points of friction to provide a smoother and faster experience.


This is very nice, Kelsey!
As a visual UI / UX kinda guy (I’m a WPF developer :stuck_out_tongue: ), I appreciate these kinds of niceties added to Coda!

I had completely appreciated when I noticed the “Visual” and “Advanced” collapsible sections added to the Buttons and other controls!

BRAVO, Coda - keep up these great innovations - I’m loving it!! :+1:


Good god did I need that column naming feature without even realising it. Nice work team!


This confuses me. Why would someone need to delete and recreate a reaction to remove previous submissions? I use ModifyRows() or SetControlValue() to reset reactions. Using a button or an automation to reset the reaction value feels like a cleaner user experience compared to editing the settings of the button.

@Kuovonne ModifyRows() and SetControlValue() are still valid solutions that will continue to work for resetting reactions, but we’ve found that not all users know that they can add buttons to perform these actions. The additional “Clear all” button in the control settings is simply an additional entry point that users can use to clear reactions without having to create a separate button.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. The initial phrasing made it sound like deleting and recreating the reaction was the only way to reset it, which confused me.

I like having the ability to reset column values. Along those veins, I wish when I reset the default for a canvas column, I could reset all blank rows to that value, versus rows that never had a value.

Oh, and I’m becoming a fan of reaction buttons. I never encountered them before Coda and they are super useful. I just built a table for my company with five different reaction columns, and had to decide when and how to reset them.