Launched: Improvements to Role Management Settings for Paid Workspaces

When you use the Coda’s Pro, Team, or Enterprise plans for your workspace, you only pay for Doc Makersーthat is, users in your organization who create your new docs. You have an unlimited number of Editors and Viewers in each paid tier.

Editors can access docs created by Makers and collaborate by adding, removing and editing text, tables, buttons, templates, and other Coda building blocks. If an Editor creates a new doc, they’ll become a billable Doc Maker.

Workspace Admins have had a limited set of options to manage how Editors can become billable Doc Makers in their workspace. They can either:

  1. Automatically allow any member to upgrade to a Doc Maker when they create a doc (which could lead to increased bills)
  2. Require manual approval for a member to upgrade to a Doc Maker (which can lead to administrative overhead, and lost time for the pending Doc Maker)

Starting today, we’re offering a third setting : Any member can automatically upgrade themselves to a Doc Maker by creating a doc, and the Workspace Admin can revoke their Doc Maker status without incurring charges for up to 7 days. No more sudden billing increases. No more lags in making.

Admins will receive notifications about user upgrades to Doc Maker, from which they can approve or deny the role change. Paid workspace admins can also manage all roles (including pending upgrades) by navigating to the ‘Access’ section of their workspace settings. Note that if an admin rejects a requested upgrade to Doc Maker, docs created by that user will become “read only.”

When setting up a new or upgraded workspace, admins will be prompted to choose their Doc Maker upgrade setting: “Approve instantly,” “Manage approval process manually,” or “Approve unless admin rejects within 7 days.” If you’re an admin of an existing workspace, you can change your current setting from Workspace Settings > Access.

Note for Enterprise Users: Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see if this feature is available to you on your contract.

Thank you for your continued feedback on our Maker pricing model and the tools that support it.