Launched: Improvements to the Coda mobile experience

Since our mobile app launched, we’ve received helpful feedback on our mobile experience from this community. We’ve been listening – and improving. That’s why we’re excited to announce some enhancements to the mobile web and app experience.

Full coverage dark mode
When dark mode is enabled, iOS and Android no longer have white bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

A more flexible cursor
It is now possible to place the cursor at the beginning of a line on iOS by tapping in the left-hand margin or at the beginning of the first word.

Stay logged in
You will no longer be logged out of the Coda iOS app unless you opt to log out or your account has no activity for 30 days.

Better doc search navigation
The search box at the top of the home screen is now wider and doesn’t truncate the placeholder text.

And that’s not all folks – we’ve invested resources into delivering more mobile experience improvements. Keep an eye out for future announcements. Enjoy!


Thanks for all the improvements.

Further suggestions:

We have a Coda doc that has two buttons in every row that people need to interact with. I do like in the mobile app that when you swipe right those two buttons appear. What I don’t like is that there is also a delete button right next to the other two buttons which deletes the row. I would like the option to remove that delete button. It makes it way too easy for people to accidentally delete the row. It doesn’t even give you a warning as it does in the browser before your data is gone. I know it can be restored, but that is a pain. I want it to be a little harder for them to actually delete the whole row.

It would also be nice if there was a way you could select the fields that appear on the mobile screen.

I love Coda!!


On my iPhone 12 Mini, the top bar icons are black on the dark mode. They should shift to white.

Model: iPhone 12 Mini
iOS: 15.1.1
App: 1.0.26

I Loved that now I haven’t to re-log every time I access the mobile app!

What’s it’s missing and it’s absolutely needed if you’re running complex doc with specific inputs pages and table to be made also in mobile app it’s the universal search bar at a doc level.

Just the one you have in the browser app.
That would make my life really easier when I need to update data or status of a specific row between hundreds of them without scrolling down for too long.


The ability to place the cursor will help me a lot. Also, the ability to stay logged in will prevent me from just reverting back to my iOS Notes app for quick inputs (that I then later transfer to Coda).

Thank you for these powerful mobile updates!


I’m glad to hear the mobile experience is getting some love and attention! These seems like some good low hanging fruit and I can’t wait to hear how things continue to develop.

There are a lot of important use cases for mobile that are just a bit too fustrating to implement right now.


It’s great to see that you guys are improving the mobile app! :partying_face:

In order to replace the many different productivity apps on mobile like coda already did on desktop, there are only a few steps left to take:

Probably the most essential feature, as the only thing we have to manage for producitivity is: time! :timer_clock: When you’re on it, please make it possible to display monday as the first day of the week, since sunday is part of the “weekend” for most people. :wink:

Loading speed
Saving time with an app only works, if this app doesn’t steal it back from you! :yum: Sometimes we need to access and input info on the fly, waiting half a minute for it to load feels like ages in some situations. :joy:

Shortcuts to docs or even pages on the home screen would improve the workflow even more!

Thanks again for making progress on mobile!


I’m right there with you. I would love to ditch the “Delete” and “Add Row” buttons. Ironically it works perfectly in tables based off of packs in which you can’t add or delete rows off the cuff. Any of my tables that are imported through the Shopify pack for example work and look great.

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Will we also be seeing multiple cards per row on the iPad? The single column looks funny (: Thanks

Any progress for a better mobile experience?